How to change the email id and mobile number in the Foscos Fssai Food License?

Most of the Food Business Owners(FBOs) usually apply for FSSAI license through Food Consultants. During the process, Food consultant adds his mobile number and email id in the FBOs login. Also, Food Business Owners doesn’t give attention to the process. They don’t ask for login id and password from consultant.

Nowadays, access to the FoSCos website is of prime importance. To access the login, OTP gets generated at email id and mobile number mentioned in the
profile. Most of the consultant practise the above process and don’t share OTPs with customers received on their email id and mobile.

Holding logins of customers is illegal act, still the standard practise is the same. Big question arises with Food Business Owners (Restaurant owners / Hawkers /
Manufacturers etc.,) is how to dealt with the situation and change the email id and mobile number of their own login.

None of the consultant will also help you in such modification because he is not getting any monetary benefit. Food Consultants are also having a good repo with Food Offices and all the gimmick is played with mutual agreement.

When we apply for the license, we don’t hoard login ids of customers and hand over the login id and password to the customer once the license is done. This standard practise followed by us helps customer not to remain dependent on us only.

Customer will be at ease, during any process related to the Food licenses, Annual Manufacturing Return Submitting Laboratory test of products and Renewal of licenses If you want to insert /Update / Change your email id and mobile number in your own Foscos Fssai login, please contact us at +91 94092 66781

To apply for your latest FSSAI license in Bangalore, you can call or Whatsapp us +91 94092 66781

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