IIM Kozhikode Achieves FSSAI ‘Eat Right Campus’ Five-Star Certification

Breaking News Fssai,IIM Kozhikode Achieves FSSAI 'Eat Right Campus' Five-Star Certification

In recognition of its commitment to promoting safe and sustainable food practices, IIM Kozhikode has been awarded the prestigious five-star ‘Eat Right Campus’ certification by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The certification was presented to IIMK’s Chief Administrative Officer, M Julius George, during a special event held to commemorate World Food Safety Day.

The ‘Eat Right Campus’ program is an initiative by FSSAI aimed at fostering healthy and sustainable food environments in various institutions, including schools, universities, colleges, workplaces, hospitals, and tea estates across the country. By adhering to global benchmarks in food safety and administration, IIM Kozhikode has demonstrated its dedication to creating an atmosphere of safe and wholesome eating habits.

Expressing his delight at the achievement, Debashis Chatterjee, Director of IIMK, emphasized that the FSSAI’s five-star rating underscores the institute’s unwavering commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and fulfillment. He highlighted IIMK’s efforts in instilling safe and healthy dietary practices that align with the institution’s core principles.

To mark the occasion, IIM Kozhikode organized two seminars focused on ‘International Millet Year: An Overview’ and ‘Food Habits and Food Safety’ for food handlers on campus. Additionally, a stall was set up to display and sell millets and millet-based products, aiming to raise awareness about the importance of including millets in our daily diets.

By receiving the ‘Eat Right Campus’ five-star certification, IIM Kozhikode has once again showcased its commitment to fostering a culture of food safety, health, and sustainability within its campus community. This recognition serves as a testament to the institute’s dedication to promoting a nourishing and responsible food ecosystem.

The achievement of the five-star ‘Eat Right Campus’ certification by IIM Kozhikode has generated great enthusiasm and pride within the institution. The certification serves as a validation of their efforts to maintain high standards of food safety and promote a healthy lifestyle among students and staff.

To further celebrate the occasion, IIM Kozhikode organized informative seminars on the significance of millets in our diets. Millets, known for their nutritional value and sustainability, were showcased through a stall where various millet-based products were displayed and made available for purchase. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the benefits of incorporating millets into our daily meals and encouraging healthier food choices.

The certification event was attended by Vinod Kumar K, Assistant Commissioner of Food Safety in Kozhikode, who commended IIM Kozhikode for their commitment to creating a safe and sustainable food environment. The recognition of IIMK’s efforts highlights the institution’s dedication to providing its students and staff with nutritious and hygienic food options.

The ‘Eat Right Campus’ program by FSSAI plays a crucial role in promoting food safety and encouraging institutions to adopt sustainable practices. By obtaining the five-star certification, IIM Kozhikode has become a shining example of excellence in food safety and administration.

As an institution that places great emphasis on holistic development, IIM Kozhikode has consistently strived to create an atmosphere conducive to the overall well-being of its community members. The achievement of the ‘Eat Right Campus’ certification aligns perfectly with their guiding principles of authenticity, sustainability, and fulfillment.

With this recognition, IIM Kozhikode aims to inspire other educational institutions and organizations to prioritize food safety, health, and sustainability. The certification serves as a reminder of the significance of adopting responsible and mindful food practices for the betterment of individuals and the environment.

Through their continuous efforts, IIM Kozhikode continues to set an exemplary standard for other institutions to follow. The achievement of the ‘Eat Right Campus’ five-star certification signifies their unwavering commitment to ensuring a safe, healthy, and sustainable food ecosystem for all.

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